GCWCC Organization Selection Page for Employee Donations

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This Organization Selection Page is for employee donations only. If you are looking to pay for your workplace events/activities, please go to the Event/Activity Payment Page.



If you are unable to find the charitable organization you are searching for, please search again by changing your search criteria. If you are still unsuccessful, you may to manually add the information of your desired registered charity.

Manually Add a Registered Charity

*To search the online list of Canadian charities maintained by the Canada Revenue Agency, click here. You must then copy the information exactly as it appears on the Canada Revenue Agency page, to the fields below.

The minimum designation per registered charity below is $26. Designations less than $26.00 will NOT be honoured.

All fields with an asterisk are mandatory.

*Registered Charity Name

*Registration Number (no spaces or hyphens)

*Address of the registered charitable organization



*Code postal

Other information



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